Moth: Red-lined Geometrid

I identified the moth. It is a Crypsiphona occultaria – one of the most common moths in Australia, according to Wikipedia. Also called a red-lined looper moth. I found great photos on a buttefly house website and you can read about it and look at pictures of the thin green larvae here. The grubs eat…

Moth: unidentified

          Taken with the Nikon D3000, yesterday. Thanks for looking. Do have a great weekend!   🙂

Common grass blue

Thanks for looking. All photos taken today with the Nikon D3000. 🙂


Australian Grapevine Moth larvae – I’ve been watching out for these cuties on my grapevine. I have to be quick as I think the birds like them, too.  We are expecting a warm week, so maybe my grapes will ripen after all. The blackbirds are checking them daily, and the sparrows. Wikipedia says… The Australian…


All four images taken this morning with the Nikon D3000, on the guided mode to soften backgrounds. I have to change back the focus point setting, methinks. I have hellish trouble getting it to focus where I want. Thanks for looking. Do have a great weekend!  🙂

Small White:Pieris rapae

I love it when I learn something new. All my life -I’m nearly 62 now – I’ve been calling this common white butterfly a cabbage moth. I took these pictures the other day and I thought I should find out if it really was a moth. As I suspected, it’s not.   Wikipedia says… Pieris…