Hello folks, yes, I’m still alive. I’m not going to bore you with excuses, but all is well with me. Since we returned home, I’ve been getting my garden into shape and revising my second book, and generally fiddling about. To get back in the blogging habit, I’m taking part in Beccy’s photo challenge which runs the month of January – word(s) ending in light –  the main photo must be square.

the sea alight

The light fades on Christmas Day, 2019, at Seacliff, South Australia. (Nikon D3000)

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Here’s to a great 2020, full of kindness and delight!





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Thanks for looking.


Posted for Six-word Saturday, run by Debbie Smyth at Travel With Intent. Her post this week is Artistic Flags celebrate Royal Academy Anniversary.

Six-word Saturday, Vika

Is That Something in the Water?


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week is Wildlife. The most common wildlife around here, of course, is the kangaroo. All these fellows are from my blog photo archives.


The male gray kangaroo in the next images was inside our yard, 2016.  Now that the grass has really dried right off in the paddocks, I notice the ‘roo droppings getting closer to the house.


kangaroo eating


Next, the kangaroo fence in a nearby street. Each cast concrete kangaroo has coloured marbles for eyes. ( Nokia Lumia 520 window phone).




I hope you enjoyed seeing these again.


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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge, kangaroos

Cee’s Fun Foto: Wildlife – kangaroos



So here I am again already, before time slips away. The new series for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge are Things of Nature – and here I was expecting one with only birds, with tricky prompts like a bird with four colours, or must have six birds in a row.  LOL. I have no idea why I thought that.

Anyway, for Fun Fotos, I present you my seagull pics taken at Kingston S.E., South Australia, a week or so ago. We spent two nights at their RV Park, no facilities except a nearby public toilet and beach shower. This pretty spot, by the jetty, was only $10 for a maximum stay of 48 hours. This is the town with the giant crayfish. Sadly, the sculpture has shrunk with familiarity, not helped by the trees near it having grown.


Seagulls are always a lot of fun to photograph. They can be sedate, or raucous. These sprang into action when a fellow, seeing saw me taking photos, stirred them by throwing bread closer and closer to me. It started to get a bit Hitchcock-ish, so I was glad when he drove off! Still, I got some great shots. (Nikon D3000)




Thanks for looking. It’s ‘Leaves and Trees’ next week.


Do visit Cee’s entry for her Fun Foto, and tootle around and have a look at the enormous variety of bird photos linked from the comments.


Birds, Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Birds