Honey Bee

I opened up my Nikon D3000 for Dummies book again this morning. I decided to reset all the shooting and set up options and start over (I messed about with the camera a few days ago). So, still on auto for these photos of the bee in the abelia bush this morning.   The book…

Blue-banded bee

Blue-banded bee, yesterday (Nikon D3000, on auto) Thanks for looking. 🙂

Netelia producta

I spotted this skinny bug in the jasmine this morning. I was chasing the blue-banded bee about with the Nikon D3000. Googling, I discovered this is most likely an orange caterpillar-parasite wasp – netelia producta. Wikipedia has an interesting article on this wasp family… The Ichneumonidae are a parasitoid wasp family within the order Hymenoptera….

Drone Fky

These photos taken with the Nikon D3000 this morning. I am still chasing the teddy bear bees around for that perfect shot. Got one good one this morning. I was side-tracked by a flash of red in the sun and found this drone fly who, unlike the frisky teddy bee and the blue-banded bees, consented…

Bees and self-pity

These honey bee photos were taken on the Nikon D3000 on auto. Like everything else this morning, my camera wasn’t all that cooperative – still, I’m happy with these few images.   I hate my book today. Yesterday, while giving the e-book formatting a final check, I noticed a missing word. I used that as…