Catch Up

Hello people, I hope this finds you well.  I’m adorning this post with images from our morning walk during June. (Nokia Lumia 530 windows phone) First – let’s get the usual confession out of the way: July already and my self-imposed publishing deadline has come and gone – yet again! Just as well it is…

Todays walk

  I’m still flat our editing and improving Taniel every day. I have 50 ‘chapters’ on Wattpad now, and already am a third of the way towards reaching my next 1000 reads!  (1.35k reads so far)  I am getting useful feedback from my voting readers. Wattpad’s reader engagement graphs are also revealing – I can…

My Dog: Vika

I love my dog. Vika is a female, 14-year-old Shiatsu, Maltese terrier and silky terrier cross.   Have a good day.   ❤

Exhausted Vika

Been a big day, walking around lakes, watching other dogs, traipsing around a cemetery, and following her humans about. Not to mention the sightseeing. Goodnight. 😉

Scenery, Railway, & Vika

This is for Cee’s latest Black & White Photo Challenge:Open Topic. As usual, I’m scraping in by the skin of my teeth, and only because of the time differences between our countries. Next week’s topic is Flying. I thought it converted well to grayscale, though it might be lopsided in composition. I love the clouds…

Photos from our walk yesterday

I’m being very lazy today. I read too late last night. Saving my energy for the bit of work I have to do. Tomorrow is anew day. Oh – speaking of tomorrow – I reverted my tagline back to the original one.   🙂