McMillan & McKay Marriage, 1815

The first couple, Evander and Flory are my husband’s 4th Great grandparents (6 generations) Their son John McMillan came to Australia before 1841, where he married my cousin. That is where my line converges with Rob’s.

Flory’s sister also married in 1815, and is shown down the page. Earlier this year, I discovered that my best girlfriend’s husband descends from Margaret McKay and John Grant – which makes him Rob’s 4th cousin, twice removed.

mckay grant marriage

1815 Feby 3 At the Manse of Duirness Ewan or Evander McMILLAN Foxhunter & Shepherd Shinness & Flory McKAY daur to John McKAY Miller Durin.

April 29 1815
At Durin John GRANT Gaelic Teacher & Margaret MACKAY daughter to John MACKAY alias McOilichuidian Miller Durin

ADDED LATER: Elaine and I have been friends since we met at Hamilton High School. I hoped that she would turn out to be my cousin, but the closest our trees merge is when a distant cousin of mine married a distant cousin of hers.

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