The neighbour’s cows were in a different paddock this morning, and near the fence.


The dog living at the home opposite where they were standing set up a persistent bark as I, my Nikon D3000, and my little dog walked down the lane to them.



AS they took off, I decided they thought someone was bringing them hay up in the other paddock. They lumbered along at a fast pace.


If I had stuck around, I might have noticed the kangaroo lounging on on the other side of  the old railway embankment. (below)


I’m pretty sure the ‘roo would have jumped to his feet, to see what the cows were about.

Thanks for looking.







Cattle Collection

After walking the dog this morning, I grabbed the Nikon D3000, put it on auto, and went down the side lane to take these pictures of cattle, just for you. I’m liking this theme and wanting to blog photos to see what happens with them. 🙂

cows in paddock behind our house block

Cows in the paddocks behind our house block



strawberry coloured cow with wood ducks and a small dam behind – the highway beyond the fence



Hereford cows with kangaroos in background



on the other side of the lane are two more cows


red cow

I think this red one is a steer or a bull


I hope you liked my cows! Have good day. 🙂