These birds are still around, feasting on ivy berries. I love listening to them. You can listen on the ‘Birds in Backyards’ website. It says…

The main call is a loud “currawong”, which gives the bird its name. Other frequent sounds include deep croaks and a wolf whistle.


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Pied Currawong


Strepera graculina: Pied Currawong

pied currawong and ivy berries

The Pied Currawong rarely visits my backyard, but they arrive in numbers while the ivy is loaded with its calorie-rich black berries. They normally live in a wooded area up the lane behind our home.


The photos of the Pied Currawong were taken through my grubby kitchen window with the Nikon D3000, on auto. Cropped and sharpened in GIMP.


The Pied Currawong is found in Eastern Australia, from Queensland down to Victoria but not in Tasmania.The Grey Currawong is found in Southern Australia, while the Black Currawong is restricted to Tasmania.



They eat small birds and can even take baby possums. I had newly hatched starlings taken from a nest and I suspect these birds were the culprits. The starlings abandoned my yard then, and have only just returned. I’m getting visits from a grey thrush,too, which is exciting.



I love its bright yellow eyes. Do you have a favourite?

Thanks for looking.    🙂