This adorable koala snoozed in the tree right behind our camper trailer. That’s a bit of canvas showing in the bottom left corner of the first photo.




huh? …


… ooh, I need a stretch …


… sigh …


you still there?



Carter’s Beach, (Murray River), Ulupna Island, Victoria.  (Nikon D3000)

Thanks for looking.



An Adorable Koala



So here I am again already, before time slips away. The new series for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge are Things of Nature – and here I was expecting one with only birds, with tricky prompts like a bird with four colours, or must have six birds in a row.  LOL. I have no idea why I thought that.

Anyway, for Fun Fotos, I present you my seagull pics taken at Kingston S.E., South Australia, a week or so ago. We spent two nights at their RV Park, no facilities except a nearby public toilet and beach shower. This pretty spot, by the jetty, was only $10 for a maximum stay of 48 hours. This is the town with the giant crayfish. Sadly, the sculpture has shrunk with familiarity, not helped by the trees near it having grown.


Seagulls are always a lot of fun to photograph. They can be sedate, or raucous. These sprang into action when a fellow, seeing saw me taking photos, stirred them by throwing bread closer and closer to me. It started to get a bit Hitchcock-ish, so I was glad when he drove off! Still, I got some great shots. (Nikon D3000)




Thanks for looking. It’s ‘Leaves and Trees’ next week.


Do visit Cee’s entry for her Fun Foto, and tootle around and have a look at the enormous variety of bird photos linked from the comments.


Birds, Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Birds


Outside my back door, a little while ago, one of the many bees in the mint. (Nikon D3000)




We arrived home on Wednesday, and feeling a little disoriented – having covered about 2000 kms over our sixteen days out with the camper trailer.  Had beaut visits with family, including several hours a day with my mum for a week – the most time I’ve spent with her for decades! On Friday, after a quick visit with my brother, we headed back towards Victoria, where I caught up with my daughter. I’ll tell you more, and share some of the hundreds of photos I took.

In the meantime, thanks for looking at my bees.


Bees & Bugs

A Honey Bee