This is for Cee’s latest Black & White Photo Challenge:Open Topic. As usual, I’m scraping in by the skin of my teeth, and only because of the time differences between our countries. Next week’s topic is Flying.


May 2015, Central Victoria, Australia

I thought it converted well to grayscale, though it might be lopsided in composition. I love the clouds and the shadowed fence posts. The cattle are Herefords. Over to the left from where the cow is looking over the fence, there is a kangaroo, and another two further back behind it. I’d hoped they would show up better, and I’m reminded of my countless promises to go round to our local golf club and really show you some kangaroos!

If you want to view the image, this latest WordPress editor, to date, means you will have to right-click on the image and select view image. I didn’t set some new setting I suppose.

The narrow paddock in the middle of the image has an old railway bed running its length, the tracks long gone. The Heathcote station is also gone, the Bendigo-Kilmore line having closed down due to the construction of Lake Eppalock.

Heathcote RS

Heathcote RS. 1907 (supplied by Ken Coram)

I’ve borrowed the 1907 photo from the Friends of the Bendigo-Kilmore Rail Trail blog. There is a fantastic walking/cycling track already built from Bendigo to Heathcote. Now they are looking to extend to Wallan, which is beyond the original junction at Kilmore.

The Friends of the Bendigo-Kilmore Rail Trail Inc. (A0054089L) is a community group of people who all recognise the fabulous potential of a long distance trail on or near the route of the former Wandong, Heathcote, Sandhurst Railway. We love rail trails and long-distance trails, and members have travelled many of them within Australia and in other countries.

This next photo was taken in 1968. Perhaps this is the last train. You can see the range in the background – the same one I can see out my front window.  I’ve captioned a link to Richard Felstead’s Railway page as required to use the image here.

Yeah, I know that the 1968 one isn’t black and white, and I’ve included two images I didn’t take myself.

I’ll finish with a photo of Vika, also taken last May.


Vika, May 2015

My two photos were taken with the Windows Phone (Nokia Lumia 530)

Thanks for looking. Have a good day.   🙂

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Scenery, Railway, & Vika


4 thoughts on “Scenery, Railway, & Vika

  1. Sue says:

    Probably giving the old rail a send off. Any time you put a picture of Vika in i’m happy, she such a lovely little girl. Wonder what she is thinking (oh no, not another picture, I’m definitely not smiling this time)

    Liked by 1 person

    • I reckon it’t the sendoff, too.

      Vika is wondering how long she has to wait for her next snack. She’s not so cute when she’s jumping on the side of the mattress by my head, on the merest hint of daylight. She has brought us both a lot of joy since we got her as a cute puppy. 😀


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